They say “timing is everything” and that is especially true for leasing an apartment, hence the popularity and promotions of pre-leasing. Pre-leasing is the process of seeking approval for an apartment lease before a move is necessary. For some, the idea of committing to a place in advance is not ideal but for others, it can be a great solution for many concerns. With a closer look of pre-leasing benefits, you may just find it’s perfect for you! 



1. If You’re Uncertain

The purpose of a pre-lease is to get pre-approved, before making any big commitments. It’s a great option for those who are trying to “test the waters” for a move. If you’re unsure of your financial qualifications or future living arrangements, the pre-lease process will outline exactly what you can afford and the options available to you. If you are not approved, no problem, that’s just your cue to wait a bit and work on your finances for a future application.

2. If You’re An Early Bird

During the busy season, April through August, the phrase “early bird gets the worm” definitely rings true for apartment leasing. The typical leasing process offers no guarantee of getting an apartment or a specific floor plan. In the worst scenario, you may even find yourself having to settle for a place that doesn’t meet your needs. However, pre-leasing helps you avoid these potential issues because your apartment is secured ahead of time. It allows you to make decisions from a position of strength, without urgency.  Like Catalina West, many apartment communities will offer pre-leasing in summer for fall move-ins or spring for summer move-ins.

3. If You’re Picky

If you know what you want, you want a pre-lease! Depending on the time of year and exclusivity of the apartment community, availability may be limited. SO, the earlier the pre-lease, the better your options will be. Essentially a pre-lease gives you “dibs” on your favorite floor plan or first pick from a pool of available floor plans. Once you’re approved, you get to claim “the one” you truly want as yours. This reserves your new home and ensures it will be ready for you on moving day!

4. If You’re A Saver

As time passes and competition develops, apartment pricing tends to increase. A pre-lease allows you to freeze the current rates, whether you plan to move in at the time of your application or at a later date. This applies to any specials and promotions as well. With pre-lease approval during a promotion, you are able to secure the special price even if the promotion is not available when you actually move in.

5. If You’re A Planner

The luxury of the pre-lease is planning. With a pre-lease, the business side of things is completed ahead of time, freeing up time and resources for a smoother transition into your new home. Approval solidifies your monthly costs for better financial planning. It also designates your move-in date and floor plan preference. These all give you a firm foundation for planning next steps like relocating, utilities set-up or delivery of your furnishings. If you’re ready to start penciling in, start with a pre-lease! 



No More FOMO

For pre-leasing, the time to act is always now! If you don’t want to miss out on that beautiful new apartment you’ve been eyeing, contact us today to start discussing your options. Your new home is waiting for you at Catalina West. NOW PRE-LEASING all floor plans for fall!

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